Home inspectors have started to use aerial drones in their inspections to make them more comprehensive. A drone enables the inspector to see things that otherwise may get missed. Find an inspector who uses a drone for home inspections.

Closely View Inaccessible Areas

Without a drone, the only way to inspect a roof is by climbing up a ladder and walking around on it. Flashing may be slippery after rain. Steep or dangerous roofs can be hard to balance on and while capturing quality photos. In fact, inspectors are not required to walk on roofs that are unsafe or inaccessible, so in this case, the roof may be left out of the inspection altogether. Some angles of the roof may be hard to see even when walking on it. An inspector can fly a drone over these areas and capture high-resolution images.

Use a Drone for Home Inspections on Any Kind of Roof

The shape of some roofs prevents them from being fully inspected. A roof with a high slant cannot be walked on. Some roofs have features like towers that cannot be seen in entirety even when standing on the roof. A ladder may reach the edge, but seeing the top of the tower may be impossible. Drones have no such limitations and can see all parts of the roof. Using a drone for home inspections solves problems with unusual-shaped roofs.

Save Time By Choosing an Inspector Who Uses a Drone for Home Inspections

Climbing a ladder and walking around on a roof can be unsafe and time-consuming. As a homebuyer, you want to be present at the home inspection so that you can ask the inspector questions about anything he or she finds. A drone can quickly inspect the roof and property, no matter the size or the number of features. This will save you time as the homebuyer waiting at the inspection.

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